culinary renaissance



We have developed a patent protected (PCT) cooking machine that cooks to perfection.


Imagine a “sous-vide” type of cooking but faster, with crust outside, no plastic bags and the ease of use of a Nespresso coffee machine.

Our vision is to contribute to the ongoing transformation of the food service sector via standardizing and automating innovative cooking processes.


Project: Veltio has developed a cooking process and respective apparatus (device) introducing a novel cooking method.


The device cooks with fine-dining quality at a fraction of time, regardless of skillsets, at low energy consumption while minimizing the risk of contamination.



The appliance princeples

A design that applies thermodynamic & advanced cullinary principles to achieve delicious cooking results & algorithm that controls the cooking parameters and ensures repeatable  cooking



The device invented was based on the principles of molecular gastronomy.

It cooks fast and evenly across a food portion, achieving the desired balance between internal and external texture.

Temperature and time are precisely controlled, thus achieving the desired cooking results every time.



Our business model is inspired by Keurig/Nespresso whereby a low-cost device with inexpensive consumables leads to recurring revenues, offering consistent quality results.

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Imagine the business model of Nespresso but instead of coffee capsules,

to use "food capsules" resulting in standard high-quality cooking.

Our customers can use the device with,

  • their own personal settings and recipes for the “food capsules”,

  • or buy ready-made capsules with preset configurations and step-instructions.

To boost our marketing, deals with famous chefs will be made to brand their recipes and serving proposals.

White Structure

Project: Veltio solves the problem of standardization and safe food preparation, whilst upholding quality of cooking result.

We target the catering industry (restaurants, wine bars, catering, hotels, etc.) which needs quality, consistency and food safety at scale.

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Stainless Steel

Curent status

Original state of the art analysis has led to patent registration for the appliance to the

Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (HIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Both patent research reports were issued with an “A” scoring, proving: 

industrial applicability, novelty, and inventive step.


 Functional prototypes have been manufactured.

3 prototypes
3 prototypes

3 prototypes
3 prototypes



Pilot tests were carried out proving new cooking techniques


Direct discussions and presentations with worldwide manufacturers

Cooking consepts are carring out

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Co-Founder & Project Manager

We trust Thanos Kozadinos with our business needs. Eager and curious, he studied “Production Engineering and Management” at the Technical University of Crete. Works as a Plant Manager for a light industry, overseeing production and domestic and international sales activities.Contributes  his “tasting” and analytical skills as team’s project manager.

Co-Founder & Product developer

Theodoros Marioglou passionate about business and innovation, Studied “Production Engineering and Management” at the Democritus University of Thrace.Works as a Production Manager for a heavy industry where he manages a team of 50 technicians and oversees the supply chain. Boasts nearly a decade of experience in the industry. He leads the product design process and he’s also a amateur chef.


Co-Founder & Hardware and Software Engineer

Konstantinos Paraskeuas studied at the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering of the university of Aegean. He is skilled at software engineering, 3D printing, PCB designing and rapid prototyping. He is Co-founder and the hardware and software designer of wearable electronics startups, TurnIt and AidPlex. Konstantinos participated in the project “El Greco: a 3D-printed humanoid robot” of the robotic team of the University of Aegean in 2017 as well as in several educational seminars for robotics as an instructor. He has dedicated his love for food and electronics to the team.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824769.


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